Reiki First Degree Class Sept 2020 Bristol

Reiki First Degree Class with Steve Mallinson (Reiki Master)

4 Reiki First Degree Attunements


Self Treatment Practice

How to Treat Others

Experience the transformative effect of receiving Reiki !
On this blissful day of empowerment and grace the life changing Reiki First Degree will be shared fully with you..

During the First degree you will receive four energy attunements, which open you to receiving more of the life force for your own, and others healing. You may experience a feeling of peace, loving energy, stillness or meditation or see colours, images or memories. The Reiki hand positions are taught for treating self or others. After the First Degree a clearing and shifting start to take place which begins to free the body, mind and emotions from the past.

*Prepare yourself for at least a week with a clean diet, ( no alcohol ), good sleep, exercise, meditation, read about Reiki. Wear lose clothing on the day.

Cost: £140
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