Steve Mallinson

Holistic Massage Practitioner, Reiki Master, NLP Master Practitioner

I currently practice from Picton Street, Montpelier, St Andrews and Bishopston. I also occasionally provide Mobile Massage. Previously, I’ve worked at Neals Yard, Cotham Natural Health Clinic and The Relaxation Centre. I am always happy to offer Holistic Massage to new clients, teach Reiki Classes or give Reiki Treatments.


Holistic Massage Practitioner (MTI), Reiki Master, NLPĀ  Master Practitioner level with Judith De Lozier, co- founder of NLP, (Bali Learning Community 1991), NLP Practitioner with J.S.A., B.A. Soc.(Hons), Qualified Teacher, (PGCE). Diploma in Hypnotherapy (Halcyon College, USA), Dip Hyp ( JHA ) , Cert Hyp ( MMHA ).

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