1 Hour Reiki Treatment (Clinic)


1 Hour Reiki Treatment with Reiki Master Steve Mallinson MTI
A hands on natural healing technique which channels life force energy ( ki or chi ) to the recipient, working first on the energy-bodies and into the mind, body and emotions. Reiki is the perfect non intrusive, meditative natural healing therapy.


Reiki Treatments

You will become very relaxed as your energy comes into a state of balance. You simply lie on a treatment couch fully clothed and covered by a blanket to keep you warm. The whole person is treated rather than specific symptoms as the practitioner’s hands are gently placed in a sequence of Traditional Reiki hand positions, as passed down the lineage. I also work off and around the body, more directly on the subtle energy system. Reiki often feels like tingling, warmth, waves or heat.

What Can Reiki Help With?

Reiki works on all levels of being. It supports and stimulates our natural healing abilities by helping us to increase the flow of Life Force, Ki or Chi flowing through the subtle energy system. People report a sense of peace and tranquility which may last for hours or days after the Reiki session. There is often freedom from pain, acute injuries are helped to heal quickly and chronic conditions are helped over time. Reiki can strengthen the immune system, eliminate toxins and resolve or release emotions.